e martë, 27 shkurt 2007

Bad Girls Club.

Laying on the couch yesterday recouping from long weekend of moving and extreme fatigue I became nauseatedly addicted to Bad Girls Club on Oh!. A marathon six episodes of this 'riviting' reality show have rendered me certifiably brain dead!
And these days are supposed to help make you feel better.


What a relief! Its done! We got back from DC Sunday evening, unpacked the van, drove it South, back to Will's parents, and started to get the apartment together. As well as watching the Oscar's. I don't know why I always think its going to be better than it actually is! So bloody long. I was happy for the the winners...good choices! And always good to watch for fashion faux pas and thumbs up's. (Reece Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett looked fantastic!) The lesbian presence was commendable also. (Ellen, Jodie, Melissa, Pen..Ooop's!)
However as a concequence, now we are both suffering from....

Was really really wonderful though to catch up with Jase, Pablo, Mr Suprise, Greg, Christina, Sarah, Brandon & Becky for brunch before the long journey back. Miss you guys.
And dispite all the snow and weather warnings, we only encountered 2 patches of rain, which prob lasted the most 3-5mins. Amazing. Luck was finally on our side! And we have both retained and possibly regained some more of our sanity.
Side effects of us both hardly being able to move now, and feeling 'tres poorly' are so minor compared to the joy of FINALLY being able to get settled.

Soundtrack to the Trip : Life In Cartoon Motion - Mika
Song of the day : Catch You - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

e enjte, 22 shkurt 2007

'Happenin' All Over Again'

So here we are. Thursday night. Poised for a return journey on the weekend to DC to pick up the boy's Dad's mini van and drive back with furniture, belongings and more importantly our sanity intact. I am posting tonight, as we are heading down to Will's parents to stay after work tomorrow night, as they are closer to Midway Airport for our 6am flight.

We have made the wise decision to fly in early Saturday morning, where we will be met by Jason, head into Virginia to pick up the van, then never let it out of our sight and catch up with the DC crew at 'Rose, Mary & Thyme' for food (thank you dear Pablo for organising brunch..your a treasure and massive hugs coming at cha!!). It will then be time to make the 12 hour road trip home. We have also made the logical decision to stay at a Motel halfway (prob Ohio), and then continue the rest of the drive Sunday morning, where we will also hopefully stop in Indianapolis and have lunch with friends Stacey and Greg, and their kids Max and Audrey. The main plan is to make it back in enough time to watch the Oscars and consume some of Laura's 'Oscar the Grouch' cupcakes!

Final tips on who I think should win the coveted statue's...

Helen Mirren, Forest W, Little Miss Sunshine (long shot, but would love it!), Volver, Alan Arkin, Scorsese, Jennifer Hudson, The Queen, Children Of Men and Happy Feet. These are people and films that I hope they read out upon opening those lil gold envelopes...

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'"

I love this performance by the Scissor Sisters of I Don't Feel Like Dancin' at the 2007 Brit Awards. They can do no wrong by me...

e mërkurë, 21 shkurt 2007

Some horror stories!

As I was doing my morning wake up routine; open my eyes, turn Hamish on, and peruse the Sydney Morning Herald, BBC World and certain morning blog reads whilst having a glass of water and a coffee. Today, two friends blogs had very different 'horror' stories. This triggered me thinking about the nightmare trip to DC two weeks ago where Will's Dad's van was broken into and vandalised right outside his house, whilst we were inside having a couple of hours sleep since we had been driving all night. Truly horrific, as we were shitting bricks in DC and needed to get back to Chicago to take over the lease on our new apartment. We then had to fly home to Chicago on the Saturday night.

Now this weekend, after much drama with insurance companies, Chrysler dealer in Virginia, DC and Virginia's sweet police forces, we have to fly back and pick up the van, plus Will's belongings and some furniture and drive the 12 hours back. A stop overnight at a Motel in Ohio, plus a lunch visit with some friends of ours in Indianapolis, and we should hopefully hit Chicago in time to watch 'The Oscars' with 9'ner and LP. Here's hoping that this is smooth sailing...I could do without another horror story.

As Yazz & The Plastic Population would say '..the only way is up!' Which leads us to a flashback Wednesday.... I LOVE the bike riders cap & lycra combo...I must have it...

e martë, 20 shkurt 2007

Tuesdays Latest Sounds - 'Look Up'

A song I love which is only due for release in the Australian market next week sadly is Toni Collette and the Finish with a fantastic highlight from the album 'Beautiful, Awkward Pictures'. Look Up is a soaring anthemic song that gave me goosebumps when she performed it live last year. She really enjoys singing it, the band enjoy playing it and it shows! I hope you like it.

e shtunë, 17 shkurt 2007


Australian health authorities have warned against eating a brand of pre-packaged nachos, after a Melbourne man was struck down with potentially-deadly botulism.

The 26-year-old from Melbourne's western suburbs has been in intensive care for more than two weeks after being diagnosed with the rare, but dangerous condition which usually leaves survivors with long-lasting symptoms.

The Nachos to Go products marked "best before April 19" should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase for a refund.

Evidence so far suggested the cheese component of the product may have been responsible for the condition, which can lead to death.

I love the way they say the 'cheese component'...

e enjte, 15 shkurt 2007

A Life In Pop.

The Pet Shop Boys to me embody all things that a pop act should be. Intelligent, witty storytelling with infectious electro beats, or lush orchestration.

We just finished watching 'A Life In Pop', a documentary commissioned by Channel Four in the UK. A comprehensive time line of all things Pet Shop Boys (excluding anything about the cheesy Comic Relief single 'Absolutely Fabulous')

I love this group. Their books 'Literally' and 'Pet Shop Boys V's America' are witty and insightful and addictive. Their grasp of live theatrical performance wonderfully refreshing. I can always remember being in front of the stage at their Australian leg of the 'Discovery' World Tour totally enthralled and elated the whole way through. They have worked throughout the years with the likes of Scissor Sisters, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, Robbie Williams, Liza Minelli, Rufus Wainright, Boy George, Kylie Minogue, Johnny Marr, Benard Sumner and Madonna and still maintained the edge, even if it was lost in the translation for a number of years. They have performed at Glastonbury, Creamfields and at the end of March at V In The Park in Centennial Park, Sydney. The talent to compose an original score for a silent black and white Russian film, Battleship Potemkin and the Johnathon Harvey Musical 'Closer To Heaven'. Then perform with the BBC Orchestra. Is there anything these guys don't excel at??

So in honour of Neil and Chris, here is a list of my Top 10 fav Pet Shop Boys songs, and Top 5 albums.

...I wonder what 'Rent' would have sounded like if it had been recorded by Madonna, the person it was intended for??...hmmm...


1. Being Boring - (Behaviour)

2. Jealousy (Behaviour)
3. Home And Dry (Release)
4. Domino Dancing (Introspective)
5. Bright Young Things (Numb EP)
6. West End Girls (Please)
7. It Couldn't Happen Here (Actually)
8. Flamboyant (Pop:Art)
9. Heart (Actually)
10. Shameless (Very: Further Listening)

1. Behaviour

2. Actually
3. Fundamental
4. Very Relentless
5. Introspective

A wee treat. At the end of the docco we are introduced to a tribute band, The Westend Girls, who recorded their take on 'Domino Dancing'.Ahhhh...bless those crazy Scandinavians! Enjoy..

e martë, 13 shkurt 2007

Weekend DC Update coming up...and it ain't pretty!

So stay tuned, bunnies...a hint in the (not actual)picture below...

Its -6degC right now. Been snowing something chronic here...all day, really high winds, a true extreme winters day! Boy was it fun driving Simon in it...a true boys day, driving in the snow! Oh, and the great Internet connection I thought I had at the new apartment ain't that good after all! Tres patchy..this will be eradicated soon enough we hope!

Song for the day: So Not Over You - Simply Red

e enjte, 8 shkurt 2007

IL to DC

The boy and I are off on our road trip to DC tonight after work to collect furniture and belongings, and of course to see dear, dear friends! Fun fun fun!!

Now just a days work to get through...and then we are on our way! Roll on 6pm...

e martë, 6 shkurt 2007

Its All True

I'm a sucker for a well choreographed video...and Ms Thorns vocals...reminiscent of early PSB with a definite electro edge. (I can imagine Ben Watt working his magic on it as some fat house tune!)

Ben Watt...always reminds me of you Mikey...MJC...The Clapmeister! Miss you! Good times...


As I sit inside in the warmth, as the snow steadily falls outside (its so beautiful, - that real light fluffy snow, laying a white sheet over everything) I am contemplating getting started packing. That's right. Packing. Will and I are finally moving into our own place this coming Sunday. After a week of the landlord pissing us around, we received the good news yesterday afternoon. Its very exciting! We both immediately felt warm, comfortable and 'at home' when we inspected it, and everything else has just paled in comparison. (This is except the first place that we put in an application for in the De Paul/Lincoln Park area..similar to Paddington/Double Bay. Great shops and 'rool classy' stuff!)

However now in the new place we are 5mins walk from the Lakefront, cafes and our fav movie complex, but I have also cut my trip to work in half! only 15-20mins drive now, however has increased Will's to 15min walk, 15min train! But its so worth it. We are just glad that we have it!

Ahh...now we have a road trip to DC to partake in, leaving this Thursday evening after work. A good 10-11 hour drive and we are taking Will's fathers van. It should be quite fun! I am looking forward to catching up with everyone in DC, as well as driving through all the other states to get there! Its just a shame we have to leave early early Sunday morning..but...oh wait how exciting...we move into our new place on Sunday afternoon/evening when we get back!! Its gonna be a busy but eventful week I am sure!

Songs of The Day;
On Call - Kings Of Leon
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance - Jamiroquai

e diel, 4 shkurt 2007


e enjte, 1 shkurt 2007


...and the slogan for the day is....

Songs for the day & the SuperBowl Weekend: Music, music & MORE music!!!!
This Ain't A Scene, Its An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
Glamorous Life - Shelia E
The Prayer - Bloc Party
It's All True - Tracey Thorn
Happy Endings - Mika
Martika's Kitchen - Martika

Oh...and before I forget...
GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!

I heart Paolo & Joshua (and maybe even Schuyler!)

Ahhh...live music is back in my life!

After my three gig fest before leaving Sydney in November (James Morrison, Toni Collette & the Finish and Kylie Minogue), live music made a welcome return to my life.

Last Thursday, Will & I went to Double Door and saw one of the most exciting singer/songwriters around today, and a massive fav of mine, Paolo Nutini. I have been a huge 'Paolo Nut' since I found about him early 2006. Between him and James Morrison, I did a massive 'your gonna love these guys' campaign amongst all my mates burning music left,right and centre. Let me say...his showmanship, and execution of his songs was delicious! An aural treat! I was not let down in the least.

Last night was Joshua Radin's turn, who Will introduced me to late last year. Another superb talent, and in such an intimate venue like Schubas...sublime! He was supported by Schuyler Fisk (daughter of Sissy Spacek and who stared in 'Orange County' with Jack Black) and she totally blew me away. She has one of those deep warm smokey voices, which complemented Joshua's nicely! Just lovely!!

I wish I could spend more winter Chicago nights doing this!
However next week will be fun when we join Dop, Kevin & Jessica for 'Top Design'!

Song of the day:
Acquiesce - Oasis (Sony/BMG)

(A MASSIVE mini hello to Princess..I know I haven't had much contact lately...I am thinking about you, however! Will be in touch 'toot sweet'...promise!)