e enjte, 27 shtator 2007

Two & A Half Men


Why oh why does it survive, yet superbly written shows like Arrested Development get canned?????????

THE NETWORKS MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!! IT HURTS....sigh...it just isn't right.

e mërkurë, 26 shtator 2007

Lil Red Squirrel!

The following email was sent from a friend, January, yesterday. It completely cracked me up, and I just had to share it.

"So this morning i came out my house, tryin' to get to
work so i can make that dollar and there was red
squirrel (a.k.a lil red), on my front step. he ran
over to the other side of the walk when he saw me, but
stared me down. i went about my bidness and kinda
ignored him. i realized i forgot somethin' upstairs,
so i went back to get it and when i came down, there
he was again on my stoop.

I said "what's up lil red?" as he took his position
back on the other side of the walk. i turned towards
my bike and i could feel his stare. when i looked
over, he was right behind me, trying to do a sneak
attack. i turned and tried to seem tough. i said
"look lil red, i don't know what you heard but i
didn't say nothin bout yo mama, see? i got no beef
wit chew and i'm just trying to go about my bidness.
you didn't hear this from me red, but word on the
street is that stray cat has been runnin his mouth
bout your moms, so why don't you talk to him?" i
could tell by his stony silence and intense stare that
he was tryin to see if i was bein honest, so i brought

I said" look lil red, i got enough troubles. stray
cat has me payin him for "protection" every week and
it don't come cheap. i got to feed him and all his
stray goons every night. thay don't want the jewel
brand cat food either, i got to feed the organic pet
promise brand. imagine that! feedin them the same as
i feed my own! they gonna run me outta house and
home, but i gotta do it - what choice do i have?"
"so you see red, i'm not about to try to have problems
with someone else. so you just move on and leave me in

i thought i had made myself clear, but he moved in
again. i knew i had to do something, even if what is
was wasn't pretty...
...so i took my keys off my bag and SHOOK THEM AS LOUD
nearby tree.
i got on my bike and pedalled outta there as fast as
i could! i took one look back and saw him staring at
me. i knew it wasn't over. in fact, it had just
that's the way of the street though...

ps - this is based on a true story!"

Thanks to you Ms January, for the most amusing story of the week!

e shtunë, 22 shtator 2007

Sunset over Wrigley Field

Baseball season is coming to an end. So I thought a nice sunset pic taken from my kitchen over Wrigley Field would be fitting.

e mërkurë, 19 shtator 2007

Gay. (cause I don't know what else to call it!)

It's Wednesday night all is feeling quite settled. I have accomplished many things at work already lending to a very chilled end of the week. Scheduled meetings down to a most decent amount. (only two painless ones off site..however causes next week to be a biaaatch!) So it has been many, many months since I have had a truly 'gay moment'. What better way (apart from watching Caberet) than crank up Kylie Minogue's 'Showgirl Homecoming' concert. This brings me to thinking about all things Australia, all things Kylie, and subsequently all things gay! So having this time to chill at work this week, I am getting acquainted with the College and its GLBT stance. I popped over to the Wabash campus to check out the Annual Multicultural Family Reunion, where a work colleague's drag alter Sharon St James was the host. It was fun to listen to her, knowing James. But like he warned 'I can not be held accountable for anything that comes out of her mouth..EVER!' An amazing performer, and an amazing 3 hour transformation. (And looks freaking amazing in both a skirt and a kilt which he doesn't wear often enough!) I love Sharon! So a fun event went on, ethnic food stalls, dance lessons, calligraphy, a DJ and an artist painting on stage...oh, and did I mention the food???? (Wow...the cornbread was sensational!) So it actually feels nice to be a part of an Educational facility that people enjoy being at, coming to and working for. It is one of the countries most GLBT friendly schools, and being an Arts College, it would naturally be! But it got me thinking about my own homosexuality. I am an out male, have been since I was 17 (19 to my poor Mother..sorry Mum!) and have known so biologically and inherently for as long as I can remember. There has never been a heterosexual moment in my life. I am what some have been known to dub a 'pure blood'! Yet its kind of funny. I don't feel apart of a certain group of people, or even really with the gay community. Reason?? I can't answer that to tell you the truth!
I don't identify with the scene any more. Gay bars bore me and freak me out. (I know...not normal!!) I would much rather go to a pub/bar and chill then go to some meat market. I have always had a love/hate relationship with gay bars. When I was 17 and just moved to Sydney I would frequent The Oxford(Monday beers), Gilligans (EVERY Tue and Fri), The Albury (R.I.P...you are now a Puma Concept store!Oh, and Sundays before DCM), DCM (Saturdays and Sundays). Now its kind of weird for a gay male to be, but I am strictly from the 'I may be dim and gullible, but I will rip your testies off slowly in public if you grope my crotch/arse again! Unless I wanted you to (and, yeah, there were a number of them...I was young!) I have NEVER felt embarrassed, apologised for, been walked all over because of my sexuality. This I am most passionate about. Even though I do not associate myself with the gay community, I am a staunch and vocal supporter of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender rights. At Columbia, it feels great to be apart of a program running where you can offer your office or classroom as a safe haven for not only GLBT students having issues or being harassed, and needing someone to talk to, but to anyone! This little community feels great to be apart of.
Sheesh. I suppose I am just having a little ramble. Maybe the beers are going to my head. But if you needed confirmation of my sexuality, some lad explained it clearly enough at Lollapalooza. So to end...I feel the need for some more Kylie. However I think I will let LP and Miss Sara (and 9'ner!) have a moment with JT...and just a touch of Kyle's

Coming soon....Sharon St. James visits Columbia College Chicago

So, this post will make perfect sense very very soon. I know, what a work mates alter ego Sharon St.James and Kylie Minogue have in common is anyones guess!

e mërkurë, 12 shtator 2007

'Daily Show' to the rescue!

It is not the best quality, its a little out of synch, but I wanted to get the full commentary...this ALWAYS shocks the shit out of me!
Jon Stewart, I love you!

e hënë, 10 shtator 2007

Falling Slowly

'Once' is one of the best movie and soundtrack combinations that were released in 2007. Staring Glen Hansard, from Irish band The Frames, and Marketa Irglova, its a simple story of rediscovering love and healing of old wounds. The soundtrack moves me every time I hear it, and i recently got a copy of the duo's album 'The Swell Season' which features a number of their songs, as well as some newies. (cheers 9'ner!)
So I just wanted to share a video of 'Falling Slowly', compiled by clips from the film. An indie masterpiece.

Monday Monday..

...and a 'tres' brief weekend round up.Ahh, love an old photo booth. LP, Sara and I squeezed ourselves into the booth at the Long Bar where LP and I met up with the crew for a few drinks to celebrate Miss Sara's 30th B'day (cheers for dragging my carcass out of the apartment, LP! And a MOST happy birfffday to you, sweet Miss Vogt!)
The 'musical' highlight for me on the weekend?? Watching Britney's car-crash of a 'comeback performance' opening the MTV VMA's last night. Classic!!!!! The girl looked out of shape, bored, uncomfortable and couldn't even mime to save her self from utter critic panning!! I loved and laughed at every second of it!!
Second best thing to happen this weekend?? I FINALLY saw The Simpson's Movie! A SMASHINGLY funny couple of hours. (I walked out unable to get either the Spider Pig song out of my head, and hummed The Simpsons theme tune all the way home on the El...much to Laura's amusement!)
Third best thing...after a week of downs and downs last week, I FINALLY cleaned the apartment! Now I do not feel as if I am wallowing in my own filth!
So, its on with the work week...Happy Monday!

e shtunë, 8 shtator 2007

Life is crazy..

..life's just getting that little bit harder again, as I struggle with decisions that need to be made. I am tired. Very tired. Work is busy...CRAZY busy...but good! Columbia is a great school to work for. So to end my short work week, I had dinner with LP last night where we in typical 'us' fashion polishing off two bottles of red.
So posting is going to continue to be lazy "eg, songs and lil usless bits".
I leave you on this Saturday morning with two tracks. The first is a personal fav of mine, 'Beauty On The Fire' from Natalie Imbruglia to celebrate the release of her retrospective collection 'Glorious: The Singles 97-07', the second is the new single by the Sugababes, 'About You Now' from their upcoming album, 'Changes'.

e mërkurë, 5 shtator 2007

Pic of the week.

My nieces, Chloe and Emma. (Emma apparently only wanted Chloe to feed her.)

e martë, 4 shtator 2007

On the eve of Dubya at APEC in Sydney...

Here is Keith Olberman's Special Comment on the current administration. I love it!