e enjte, 31 maj 2007

Denver. Weekend roundup.

I am partaking in lazy posting at the moment. This is what I did all Memorial Day Long weekend. We socialised, we drank, we shopped, we ate, we drank and socialised some more! As well as heading up to the ever-so-pretty village of Vail for the night with Will & Krista. Such a beautiful place. Nice to escape Chicago. A break well deserved! Now we have returned, its time to give my liver a break.
And it was sublime to see our Krista again.

e premte, 25 maj 2007

See ya Tuesday!

Ciao for now! Its a long weekend over here (Memorial Day) and I am off to Colorado tonight through till Monday night visiting Krista! I am most moist with excitement to see her!! Boo for plane flights, but yah for Ms Felicity (new ipod) to help me through!

e mërkurë, 23 maj 2007


This week is dragging. It sucks. At least the weather is beautiful!

e hënë, 21 maj 2007

Happy 'f'ing' Monday

After a fun day of hanging out with miss Laura last night (and Fred during the afternoon...one day...one day...), I wake this morning to discover...it's Monday! My 'light globe' in my brain still hasn't fired up, and I am still feeling like a vacant vessel. I swear you would be able to hear the sea in my head, or the constant repetition of the 'Dr Who' theme tune by the KLF. Sigh. At least its not 8 degC like it was yesterday. I loathe Monday.
So to cheer me up, the thought that this time next week I will still be waking up in Denver, Colorado where Will & I are heading to visit our Sista, Krista! And here is the latest single from my boys, Eskimo Joe.

e shtunë, 19 maj 2007

For Kevin.


is a term used in Australia and in other places, a professional household goods mover. Just like American movers, removalists provide trucks, equipment, materials and manpower to pack, move, store and hoist people's household goods on a for hire basis.

e premte, 18 maj 2007

'Live Earth'..wishing for a return ticket to Sydney's

So whilst I may be one of those out there who finds Madonna's track 'Hey You' (written & recorded with Pharell for Live Earth) just a little patchy (check out the deep lyrics..."Hey you, don't you give up, it's not so bad, there's still a chance for us. Hey you, just be yourself, don't be so shy, there's reasons why its hard/ keep it together you'll make it alright, our celebration is going on tonight"..blah blah. Good news is there is no denying that 'Hey You' is a positive environmental song. The more ways that Global warming message can be spread, can only lead to positive outcomes.
However my true upset is not being able to attend the Sydney Live Earth Concert. What a line up, what a gig! A truly great event to kick back, crack a couple of beers and roll a spliff in aid of our dear planet!
The set list nearly made me wet;




Can Will & I get a couple of round trip tickets?? Its in support of The Earth, after all!

e enjte, 17 maj 2007

Bjork...with a difference!

I love Bjork. She is always doing something weird and wonderful, and sometimes even creating musical masterworks (even though they have been a bit sparse of late!). A UK Music Magazine recently ran a competition to see who could work their artistic magic to create the best 'twist' on the cover of her latest album 'Volta'! At least they have taken her undeniable quirkiness into account.

e mërkurë, 16 maj 2007

A 'Stewie Griffin' laugh for the day.

e shtunë, 12 maj 2007

Happy Mothers Day, Mummy!

I love you terribly.

e enjte, 10 maj 2007

Drool factor!

As a tradition, every year, one of my mates and I whip up our 'Who's Da Bomb!' (aka 10 Sexiest People) list! My results as follows. This years were filled with near misses (Mr Daniel-Bond-Craig, Robbie Williams, Eva Mendes, Angelina J, and more noticeably Paul Walker...WHAT THE???? etc..) and gasps at each others suggestions such as 'really??? them???' However, I present to you my top 10 totally drool-able males and females for 2007.

1. Ben Cousins

2. TIE - George Eads & Ben Browder

3. Chris Evans

4. Josh Lucas

5.Tadhg Kennelly

6. Scott Wolf (he looks like my boyfriend...hehee!)

7. Christian Bale

8. Martin Henderson

9. Matthew McConaughey

10. David Beckham

1. Jessica Alba

2. Erika Heynatz

3. Natalie Imbruglia

4. Kate Beckinsdale

5. Sharlene Spiteri

6. Rachel McAdams

7. Kylie Minogue

8. Christy Turlington

9. Helen Mirren

10. Giselle Bundchen

As you can tell, my last day at the Chicago Symphony has been most productive....

A Thursday funny!

THANK YOU, Dear MJC, for this Thursday morning funny...too too good!
The Landlord

Song Of The Day/Week: Song For Mutya (Out Of Control) - Groove Armada & Mutya Buena

e mërkurë, 9 maj 2007

The Pieces Don't fit Anymore

The extraordinary voice of this young-Chris-Martin-lookalike. If you ever get a chance to see him live...do it! He is amazing! This song (and album) were staples in Wells Street, Newtown where I was staying back in October & November of 2006. Between being played to death by both myself and Bobby, as a significant soundtrack to all our lives, me heading to US, Bobby and Benn moving to Queensland and Sarah moving out on her own. To me, this song is a catalyst for change.

e hënë, 7 maj 2007

Summer days are hear again!!!!!

Monday morning. Sun is shining, ipod is dying (thank goodness for my external battery pack, even though now I look like I am holding an old Motorola mobile phone from the late 80's!) and I have a new job. A Fulltime job with healthcare benefits! (As Will, Laura and I were discussing over a FANTASTIC episode of 'Charm School' last night, Its funny how that is such a point to get excited about in this country!)

Will & I saw Spiderman 3 with his father, Robert and Kariya yesterday. Intresesting. Its a great series of films, didn't feel let down (like 'X-Men 3'), however I wasn't blown away. 2 was still my fav!

So in honour of the sun, the warmth, and my general good mood, its time for a little 'Sneaky'! One of my fav tracks from last year, and always reminds me of life and fun in Sydney. And FANTASTIC memories to dancing madly to the guys at 'Good Vibrations' with MJC in the pouring rain, covered in Heiniken & mud! I LOVED IT! (Hanging with the lads is great fun too. A lot of laughing, fun & frivolity! Typical Sydney partiers) Check them out; Sneaky Sound System and "I Love It"

e premte, 4 maj 2007

Music quote of the week.

"I had bought six ostrich eggs and I was dropping them carefully on the red carpet. Other people's bodyguards kept picking them up and saying, 'Scuse me, mam, you dropped this."

Bjork looks back on Oscar night.

e enjte, 3 maj 2007

Times are a changing...again...I hope!!

Again, I am restless...I am eager to be stimulated. Many people I know are unhappy in their current jobs, and this won't be news to anyone who knows me, but so am I! Not so much unhappy..just not stimulated. Whilst I am here in the USA, I wanna do as many different varied things, preferably paying a little bit more than the Chicago Symphony. And preferably with a health care plan!
Any suggestions people?? I am out for another challenge...

A Bev Knight Double Play

Two songs for the hurting...one for those we have lost, one song that gives hope. I heart Beverley Knight.

e mërkurë, 2 maj 2007

A new search....

OK, so a couple of mates and I are trying a new venture. Its pretty much going to utilise the web quite a bit.
One of these projects that is in the final stages of development is an Artist Management Agency. It will be based out of Chicago and Sydney, yet will be a truly global venture. The website is being constructed as we speak, the partners are starting to lay out the business model (whenever we have a moment in our already crazy, insane lives...but its happening!) We have a recording studio in Alexandria, Sydney, however primarily starting the search for a singer or two.
So here is where I put it out there in the blogosphere....

If you know of anyone who has a voice, a look, or both, I would invite you to seek them out, and have them email an mp3. or organise for me to have a listen to and/or come and watch them perform wherever it may be...in the Chicago/DC/NY region to start. This is not a race, we are not in a mad frantic hurry, we are just inviting submissions. We are not looking for a flash in the pan artist...we are looking for someone who is versatile enough to work with electronica artists, as well as rock. We want diversity! We don't want diva-ish or drama queen behaviour.

Email : rjmpresents@gmail.com

Now you may ask, what experience do we all have?? Very good question....
* I helped establish and run an Independent Record Label in Sydney in 2005. Our artist entered at #1 on the ARIA singles chart and #2 with her debut album. I was primarily involved in the Promotion/Radio Plugging/Marketing/Licencing/Events, as well as assisting in Managing the artist as well as an Assistant to Artist. Yup...a jack of all trades, however am looking to share the load and still maintain my sanity & life!
*My partner used to run an Entertainment Industry Law Firm, whom our label was client, as well as a Marketing Company. He knows his policy and procedure, and is just as passionate about finding the right talent as I am.
*The third partner owns a recoding studio in Alexandria in Sydney's Inner West, and is a producer and engineer. Lets just say we are equally passionate about our artists.

So the search is on...and thanks to everyone out there who reads this and passes the email to anyone who may wish being represented. C'mon...you gotta know someone...lets make some music....

Boy George 'cuffed me to a hook'

...now THERE'S a headline you don't read everyday!!! (smh 1/5/2007)

'British pop star Boy George has been arrested over allegations that he held captive and assaulted a man reported to be a Norwegian male escort.

"It's ironic that his biggest hit was Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? - because I'm sure he did want to hurt me," Mr Auden Carlsen was quoted as saying.
"I was convinced I was going to die."
The UK Sun newspaper said Mr Carlsen claimed George then pulled out a box of whips and sex toys.

"Now you'll get what you deserve" George is alleged to have said.
Mr Carlsen said he was able to escape after pulling the hook from the wall and raising the alarm from a nearby newsagency.

The thing is...was he still in an compromised state of dress as he ran to the Newsagent?? I can just picture it..."hello, I have been kidnapped by that kinky Boy George...can you help me??? Oh, and while I am here I will pick up a Double Decker, a packet of Polo mints and 20 Silk Cut Extra Mild. Can I pay that off by sexual favours??"

e martë, 1 maj 2007

Hello May!!

A new day, a new month! I was able to walk to work dressed in a T-shirt and jeans! What a rarity at 9am in the morning!! Its a sure fire sign that Summer HAS to be well and truly on its way! (surely...please??? No more rain!!!)

So to pass a little more time before bed last night, I popped on 'Sleeping Dictionary' staring Jessica Alba and Hugh Dancy. Hmmm...I thought cuties Alba and Dancy would at least make good eye candy, but seriously, after 20 mins it HAD to be ejected from the player and popped back in its Netflix's envelope! Jessica's WOEFUL Malay accent was enough to push me into a crazed state of waking up this morning telling Will "me your Sleeping Dictionary. Me teach you Enngrrrish and me lubbe you looong time!"! (Mornings have been known to be my craziest time of the day...then and when ever I watch Family Guy!)

But in all seriousness....don't watch this film. Acting is awful, story is awful, and I really don't wanna see Ms Alba as a discreet Malaysian hooker! BAD!

NEWS FLASH! Will Chicago come down with huge amounts of salmonella/bacterial poisoning today?? Promotions groups were handing out samples of Oscar Mayer's Deli Creations Hot Sandwich Melts with shaved Turkey and Monterey Cheese at the Adam's & Wabash El stop! Hmmm...after my food poisoning incident two weeks ago..I am a little apprehensive about eating it! NB...the actual pic is NOT said sandwich...just the closest thing I could find to it!
Songs Of The Day - 'Lay Your Head' & 'Never Running Out' - Athlete