e hënë, 30 prill 2007

Tuesday Tunes : Eskimo Joe's NY

Here is the new Australian single from Eskimo Joe's fab 3rd album 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine'. Stay tuned for a Stateside release of the album in August 2007, as well as a US tour....bring it to Schuba's is what I say! These guys not only rock large gig's but they are sublime in an intimate venue.

Goodbye April!

Nothing new to end the month with, except if you get a chance to see 'Flavor of Love Girls Charm School' on VH1...WATCH IT!! Its skankilicious..

Pic is 'Hottie' aka Schatar...the biggest waste of air on this planet, well, ok, close second to Dubya!

e enjte, 26 prill 2007

I would have stayed with the car....

Movie night # 2.
'Vacancy' staring Kate Beckinsdale and Luke Wilson. A genuine thriller that kept Will & I on the edge of our seats, and gasping for air! A Hitchcock-ean start, suspenseful and believable acting led to a great psychological thriller! The chemistry of a divorcing couple played by the lead actors was totally believable, as was the fear of the events that were to follow. I LOVED it! I love Luke, and Kate!

Songs of the Day: Iodine - Siobhan Donaghy; Indefinite Leave To Remain - Pet Shop Boys

e hënë, 23 prill 2007

Pics Of The Week

Some might say the sun should be enough to lighten my life after the HIDEOUS winter, but here are three pics that are bringing me happiness right now and generally make me feel good. Miss Chloe on her horse riding expedition in Centennial Park, Sydney, Miss Emma waiting for the day that she can join her big sis, and Miss Tracey (aka Coconut or Polly-Nessia!) and two of her buds puppies, Sunday & Tikki.

Hot Fuzz...and Salmonella!

After an interesting week of one very, very poor stomach, which was finally diagnosed on Friday as acute food poisoning (which ended up with One Lil Aussie needing IV re-hydration and no food at all for three days...talk about crash dieting!), Will & I saw 'Hot Fuzz' yesterday, and as I was totally wrapped and stoked!! A hilarious comedy from the creators and stars of 'Shaun Of The Dead' is the story of an English 'Bobby' who had too good a track record with arrests, the London Met shipped him off to the 'sleepy' village of Sandford. A series of hilarious 'accidents' take place and lead to an unavailing of the seedy underbelly of life festering in this quaint English village. With such a great cast including Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Bill Nighy, Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent...this film is a DEFINITE for fans of humour from 'Old Blighty'!

Song Of The Day:
Out Of Reach - Gabrielle
A 'melange' of Nitin Sawhney (Prophesy, Philtre, Human & Beyond The Skin.)

e martë, 17 prill 2007

Random Tuesday.

Thank goodness, the sun is still out! Since the weather has improved, I decided to try walking home from work yesterday afternoon, which was simply beautiful! This morning I decided to do the same to work. It's so great to clear the head and get the blood pumping through my veins. I felt so good. The soundtrack to my walk was the sublime "Human" by Nitin Sawhney, perfect zen walking music.
So as nothing really groundbreaking has occurred in my life over the last week, I have decided to use this post to say random things. Except that Chicago has won the USA bid to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games...GO CHICAGO!!!!!

1. Sunday morning I was spoilt. Will treated to an hours Aromatherapy massage at Spacio for my B'day. It was just what I needed, considering that the last time I had one was before I left Sydney in November. Totally relaxing, and left me on a cloud all day! This place rocks!!!

2. Tocca Candles are the hardest thinks to come by in Chicago! I know I am not a really girly guy, but I have a fetish for scented candles, especially Tocca Grace Candles. The scent calms me, reminds me of Will's and my time between NY and DC two years ago, as well as Miss Ceire, and takes me to a happy place. After searching on Saturday along Michigan Ave, I finally found them yesterday in Saks Fifth Avenue. Balance was restored with the lighting of it last night.

3. Laura, Will and I have started a new Sunday night tradition of watching 'Charm School' featuring the 'ladies' from Flavor of Love (a reality show featuring skanks all fighting for the affections of Public Enemy's Flavor Flav) This show is TOTALLY skank-tastic!!!!! Even though a few more brain cells were sucked out by the end of the hours viewing.

4. Congrats in order to my sweet Nicole, who has graduated from University and is ready to set the teaching world on fire, as well as escape the clutches of the Sydney Opera House! Well done love!! I had to include this gorgeous photo of her on Grad Day! (Will's and my love to both you and Mark also! We miss you!)

e premte, 13 prill 2007

Music flashback

A blast from the past for me. 'Love On The Run' by Chicane. (Vocals by Peter Cunnah from D:Ream)

Friday, Friday Friday...and the sun is shining!

The sun is back! Yipppppppieeeeeee, is all I can say!!! I know it could possibly be short lived, given the weekend forecast is a little mixed, but today, I don't care! Its amazing how much it can lift a persons mood! I am actually smiling AND being nice to CSO patrons!!! (Ok, I am always nice, but I am feeling relaxed at work today!)

So, the only news which is REALLY exciting me at the moment is that tomorrow morning, Saturday 14 April, Chicago finds out whether it is the winner of the US bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. I am totally up for this city winning over the skank hole that is Los Asshole-es. I mean , seriously, LA is such a pit, I have NO idea why the IOC would want to give it to them for a third time, when in the summer time, Chicago is so pretty, has architecture to die for, has culture and events galore and of course, The Lake! It truly shines!

I had the chance of a lifetime to work on the Entertainment Program on the Sydney 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Games, and it was the time of my life!!!! Sydney shone and blew me away. I think everyone in Sydney would agree. All the bullshit about letting terrorists in, transport not coping, the city would be a mess...blah blah blah...scare tactics by haters. They ate their words! I have no doubt that Chicago would excel also! And if we get the Games I want the opportunity to work on my second!

BEST OF LUCK CHICAGO!!!! My fingers, toes, hair and eyes are crossed for you!!

e enjte, 12 prill 2007

Missing Australia..

I received a care parcel from my sister yesterday. A Country Road t-shirt and three blocks of Cadbury chocolate and Easter Cards for Uncle Richie and Uncle Will lovingly made by my gorgeous nieces, Chloe & Emma. I am missing home BIG TIME right now. I know it will pass. So now its time to go and eat me some more Vegimite on toast.

Lollapalooza lineup was released today, and as well as fav's of mine such as Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse, Kings Of Leon, Muse, Cold War Kids, Peter Bjorn & John, Peral Jam, M.I.A. and Daft Punk, Silverchair will also be performing! All I would have needed would have been Eskimo Joe and it would be the ultimate Festival

So to help me through my 'homesickness' here is the fantastic new single from Missy Higgin's second album, 'On A Clear Night', titled 'Steer'. Enjoy!

e mërkurë, 11 prill 2007

New music! Pop Edition

Ok, whilst I bitch, moan and complain profusely about the weather over here, I just wanted to share three new tracks which are totally 'pop-tasticly' rocking my ipod at the moment. Each track has me tapping my feet and singing along in a strangely psycho fashion...this however just to keep me warm!

Mutya Buena - Real Girl.
After releasing the duet 'This Is Not Real Love' with George Michael, Mutya is back with her debut solo single 'sans' Sugababes. A track that makes me tap my feet and feel good all over. (Also helped along with thanks to a sample of 'It Ain't Over Till It's Over' by Mr Lenny Kravitz!)

Siobhan Donaghy - Don't Give It Up.
The first release from founding Sugababes member's 2nd solo album 'Ghosts'. An ethereal track which is haunting yet delicate. I don't imagine it will be a radio-play hit, but Siobhan deserves to succeed.

All Saints - Chick Fit.
STOMPING!!!!! For some reason this track just totally gets my heart rate up! The steel drum percussion, the girly-rap by Shaznay, the combined vocals of the Appleton's and Mel Blatt, echo's what greatness the All Saints can produce! (see:, Black Coffee, Pure Shores, All Hooked Up, Rock Steady!) Just a shame after the release of this track, the girls were dropped by their label...whaaa whaaa!

MORE snow and cold!

Ok, so everyone I know here is bitching and complaining about the weather...and here is mine...


I hate the cold...and the wet...and the grey... sigh!

e premte, 6 prill 2007


This is the first Good Friday I have worked in my life! (Unfortunately America really isn't the Christian country it says it claims to be, given the second holiest of days on the Christian calender isn't even acknowledged. Sheesh! Its also bizarre how one can't say Happy Christmas over here, yet you can still say Happy Easter! Hmm..Tres odd!)
Boy, I used to LOVE the four day long weekend over Easter...Good Friday through to Easter Monday. However I will have to make do with a standard two day weekend this year. But that ok, cause I will be with my sweet William, Fred & Laura and FOOD!!
So to all, wish you the Happiest of Easter weekends. Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and all my love transcending the miles and oceans to my sweet family!

e enjte, 5 prill 2007

Thursday's Oz Music Flashback

Before he joined forces with Natalie Imbruglia's hubby Daniel Johns to form The Dissociatives, paul mac released this stomping ode to finding 'just the thing' to get you through a relationship break up! (Juicy little known tit bit...It has been said that he poached the title of his debut album '3000 Feet High' from a DJ/Producer mate of mine, who will remain nameless! That's the Sydney music scene for you...small and incestuous!)
I love this track! Even though it was released in 2001, it is still a fresh and full bodied track! I always enjoy revisiting my paul mac catalogue! Just a shame that it isn't warmer over here...perfect summertime music!

e mërkurë, 4 prill 2007

I know how he feels...

This week, I decided it was time to start to wean myself of caffeine. So far so good. Its Wednesday and I have only had one cup. I am also eradicating refined sugars and a few sweet things, however after last nights two donuts I don't think its a very successful start.

News story of the week:

Tour guide stabs 15 tourists

SMH. April 4, 2007 - 12:53PM

"A tour guide in southwest China stabbed 20 tourists and locals in an attack blamed on a row over kickbacks from souvenir shops and possibly linked to an unhappy childhood, Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.

Xu Minchao, 25, was leading 40 tourists through Lijiang, a World Heritage-listed tourist destination in mountainous Yunnan province, on Sunday when he suddenly ran into a souvenir shop and demanded a knife, Xinhua said.

"Not realising the man was ready to kill, a girl in the shop gave him one and was stabbed immediately in the arm," Xinhua said.

Xu ran back out onto the street to stab and slash four residents and 15 tourists. Two boys were seriously injured, including a 15-year-old who remained in critical condition in hospital after suffering brain injuries, Xinhua said."

Songs of the day :
'McFearless' & 'Knocked Up' - Kings Of Leon

'Going To A Town' - Rufus Wainwright
'No Man's Land' - Beverley Knight

*NB - 'Sleepy Panda' not implicated or involved in above incident. I wasn't able to find an angry Chinese fellow, and she is cute, isn't she!!