e mërkurë, 29 gusht 2007

Dude, where's my bike??? (see also 'SOME SLIME BALL F#CK HAS STOLEN MY BIKE!!!)

Bobo, my dearly beloved Specialized Mountain Bike has been bike-napped! I am WELL pissed off!!!!! Not from outside my work, nor the grocery store, or even from outside the cinema...but FROM THE BIKE STORAGE ROOM IN MY APARTMENT BLOCK!!!! I can not fucking believe it! It took me so long to get a bike, and a kick arse one at that, with Will doing the searching for me on Craigslist (as I am usless and get bored looking through the hundreds of ads). She was my mode of transport to work, to everywhere! I was just getting back into shape again powering along, taking a bike ride after nearly every meal at night. And now I am stuffed!! Back to HAVING to catch the El to work and catching unreliable CTA everywhere for everything.
I am WELL pissed off.
Pricks..I kinda hope you go arse over tit over a car bonnet or slam into an opening car door to teach you a karmic lesson. (even though thinking like that isn't boosting my karmic points...but fuck it..I am upset about my bike!)
BASTARDS! I swear if I find it on Craigslist...someones balls are going to be stewed!

e martë, 28 gusht 2007

Annie's back!

Here is Annie Lennox's new single 'Dark Road' due for release on Septtember 24th

e diel, 26 gusht 2007

e mërkurë, 22 gusht 2007

There's a dodgy ATM, eh bro!!

smh.com.au 21/8/07
"Long queues mostly made up of backpackers flocked to an ATM in Queenstown, New Zealand, after it began dispensing twice as much cash as intended, without recording the loss from a customer's account.

Bruce Thompson from Kiwibank said the organisation won't be chasing up the lost money, which occurred when a contractor incorrectly stacked the ATM, putting $20 notes in the $10 box and $10 notes in the $20 box.

"The idea of going to Australian-based banks and saying we want to do a recovery of $100 is a very difficult area," he said.

The bank's ATMs are normally set up to dispense $20 as two $10 notes, so by carrying out numerous $20 transactions, those at the outlet doubled their money.

According to a report in the Southland Times newspaper, queues of 15-20 happy, smiling people lined up at the bank from 10pm (2000 AEST) on Tuesday night until 4am (0200 AEST) on Wednesday morning.

"This is not unique. It has certainly happened before. What is different here is the publicity ... There were heaps of backpackers queuing up," Thompson said.

The cash cow dried up only after a taxi driver who saw the long queues and people texting the information to their friends, called police.

But the error was not all good news for people lined up at the ATM.

Those intending on getting $20 notes from the machine received only half as much money as they expected.

People who were shortchanged will be reimbursed by the bank."

e martë, 21 gusht 2007

Coming back...

...just been a little busy at the moment, so stay tuned!

e mërkurë, 15 gusht 2007

"Cause you know its sad but true....

...It's Not Me, It's You!"
After seeing Paul performing with Silverchair at Lollapalooza, it is time to share one of my fav tracks from his second album 'Panic Room', featuring Nagiire on vocals.

e hënë, 13 gusht 2007

Want me baby.....

The debate still wages if Madge is over and done with, however, here we have her performing with Massive Attack, singing Marvin Gaye.
I love it.

Soulmates...two variations...

Here are two tracks addressing a notion that I have been thinking about strongly for a while. The thought of a 'soulmate'. What is a soulmate?? Do they have to be your lover? Or can they appear in the form of a friend?? What happens when you think you have found yours, but it's all wrong?? I dunno...Monday brain farts!
The first is a live version from one of my fav bands Placebo of 'Soulmates Never Die', and the second is the new single in the UK for Natasha Bedingfield, oddly titled 'Soulmate'.

e diel, 12 gusht 2007

Last nights dream...

e shtunë, 11 gusht 2007

Be Kind, Rewind

e diel, 5 gusht 2007

Singing Lolly Lolly! (a re-cap!)

So yet another years music extravaganza ends for another year.
Another great time was had, dancing and much much merriment with my Lollapalooza buddies whom I meet at the 2006's (cheers Jase!) of Sarah and Tomas, and Will.
So quick recap.

The longest day of the Festival weekend for me. Started with The Fratelli's at 11.30am and ending with Daft Punk who closed the show at 10pm.
Bands seen and thumbs up/thumbs down.
- The Fratellis : Good but wern't really concentrating as we just met up with S & T.
- Chin Up, Chin Up : Good sized stage for them and fun happy tunes
- Ted Leo & The Pharmacists : Didn't really pay attention...to busy being silly!
- Jack's Manequin : NICE! Fun and great tunes...played their little hearts out!
- Sparklehorse - Brought my vibe down, had some lovely melodic tunes, but I just couldn't get into it. Need to listen to them away from the Festival Grounds.
- M.I.A. : As alwasy with her, a bit of hit and miss...I was excited to see her, as was Jenny, but she sort of lost me...and I think she sort of lost it herself. But some stomping tunes!! I got a 'booty shake' in!
Insert interlude here where I spent the next 30mins helping some woman get back her mobile phone she dropped which I found. Mission accomplished and lots of drunken hugs from said woman!
- LCD Soundsystem : UNREAL! I had so much fun listening to these guys, just the fusion of rock and electronica that one needs!
- Daft Punk : What can I say....my legs are still sore from dancing like a psycho...a great set, a great light show, and of course tunes to move it to big time! I am always happy to see a line up with them on.

Cooler, grey and more comfortable
Two and a half highlights...
- Silverchair : Daniel, Chris and Ben, along with Paul Mac, put on a FANTASTIC performance to remind the USA on how good they really are! When the performed Ana's Song and Freak...I lost it!
- Patty Smith : Only saw half the show as we had to fly back to the other side to prepare for Muse and catch the end of Spoon, but she was great! What an amazing talent! And the crowd wanted more of her...she was truly great!
- Muse : KICK ARSE as always. Nothing more can be said for the show these guys consistently put on. Highlights: Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, Sunburn, Invincible, New Born and Super Massive Black Hole...oh, and Knights Of Cydonia which the crowd went ballistic for!
Cold War Kids : Stage was WAY TOO small...sound was patchy, and generally LET DOWN!! And I love these guys...but you can't have your cake and eat it too!

RAIN...grey and rainy and HUMID as all hell!
- Amy Winehouse : YAY! Finally a great set by Ms Winehouse...that raspy voice, that hair...she did herself proud. And its a good things, as she just got back to the UK and was admitted to Hospital for exhaustion...whoops...did her partying at Lolla do her in??
- Paolo Nutini : Great. A bit too chilled for 3.15pm on a humid Sunday afternoon, was much more suited to the Double Door when I saw him there back in January. But still a cutie, and a great singer/songwriter!
- Kings Of Leon : HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEKEND!!!!! I love these lads so much. Such an awesome stage presence and rocked the park...especially when Eddie Vedder decided to join them onstage for their finale. I had my 1st Loll-orgasm...and Sarah joined me! Truly great set. I was a most happy man afterward.
Modest Mouse : Great to see Johnny Marr on stage playing with them, and sounded great, however at that point I was 'spent'!
So, no Pearl Jam to close the festival, but a nice relaxing bath and the memories of Kings Of Leon...ahhhh...that will stay with me for years! K of L ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
And then it was back to work on Monday...2007 over and out!

e enjte, 2 gusht 2007

Lolla, Lolla, Lolly!!

It's tomorrow. I have a 'summer day' which gives me the day off work so I can attend the three days guilt free! I have waited for this since August last year, and now it's just one more sleep till I have three days of music, sun and booze to indulge! Then Monday night its off to Tucson, Arizona for a three day conference....but I won't think about that just yet! Just LOLLAPALOOZA!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have as great a weekend as I will no doubt have...