e diel, 21 tetor 2007

I went to see Eskimo Joe support Portland OR indie band 'Stars of Track & Field' at Empty Bottle on Saturday night. I am officially an uber fan of these guys, and have been since the beginning. Frankly, they kick arse live, and if you ever get the opportunity to catch them, ensure you do! They work a crowd, be it music festivals and large venues in Australia, or in an intimate venue such as The Annandale (NSW) or Empty Bottle (IL). One word I always use to describe them is faultless. Chatted to Kav on my way out and he was saying they were hoping to be back in Feb/March for a more extensive headlining tour. Good luck in New York tonight, lads!
So here is 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' live at LIVE EARTH in Sydney, 2007.